Enchanting evening after Consensus: Singapore

Of evening and men

The inaugural Fireflies event has successfully passed through.

The one-day invite-only gathering has given the visitors of Consensus an alternative, more intimate space to have no-nonsense talks.

The mood has been set with cocktails and a live performance in a private colonial bungalow.


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Max Lautenschlaeger
Managing Partner

Thanks a lot, especially the organization! It was a true collection of legends under one roof! You guys should keep on doing these astonishing parties. Would be pleased to visit the next one!

Aaron Joachim
Head of Business Development
Autonomos Capital

It’s been lovely! I met lots of like-minded people at Fireflies, and it was a pleasure to spend the time with them at this fantastic venue! Thank you very much for the invitation. See you at your next event!

Tom Howard
Taureon Capital

I am absolutely excited about the Fireflies party! Proud to be a partner of this event. Excellent organization and spectacular guestlist. Looking forward to the next gathering!

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Fireflies team proudly announces the second side-event of the major blockchain-dedicated conference. Next time we’ll see you in tremendous city of New York after Consensus: Invest. More music, more drinks & more conversations. Stay connected for the next networking evening with Fireflies.

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